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Rico the Zombie

Just when you think you have seen enough, another completely insane thing pops up. Rick Genest, A.K.A. Zombie Boy, has tattoos covering his entire body. These tattoos resemble the bones of skeletons, with a damaged skull and brains exposed. Insane isn’t it?

I mean, for what reason(s) would a man modify his body? Well, I suppose what is yours is yours and you can do to it whatever you wish. But I think Rico’s tatts are cool. For one thing, he has achieved fame from his body art.

checkers face
Matt Gone – The Checkers Face

Rico is one of many people with the most tattoos. But hey look, you can play Checker on this guy’s face. Matt Gone is said to have 98% of his body covered in tattoos.  And he also injected ink in his own eyes by himself –“Holy gross”.




Lord of the rings
Kam Ma – The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings, Kam Ma holds the record of the most piercings in a single sitting. This man without anesthetic, was pierced 1,015 times in a piercing session. Yeah, I think it is okay to say that Kam Ma had lost his sense of pain. My o’ my, this world is daft.


6 Days of Darkness in December

Few days ago NASA confirmed that there will be six days of darkness around the globe due to solar storm, which will block %90 sunlight from reaching our planet earth. This confirmation has lead to social scotophobia mostly on Twitter and Facebook, which happens to be a hoax.

“Solar storm” – sounds like a phrase from a Star Wars movie.

What if NASA confirms this rumor to be true? Say solar storm is a very well understood phenomenon and it is going to hit our planet for real in this short time of notice, what would your reactions be like? Would you go about your daily activities in the dark, or would you rather just sit the entire six days out until you see sunlight again?

Here is what I would do: I will rent a lot of Redbox movies, buy a lot of microwavable popcorns and turn my living room into a movie theatre of science fiction movies, because we would already be living in it. God forbid that I panic for this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Living in the absence of daylight where it is not overly freezing could be blissful and memorable. Of course, unless you already live to Alaska.

Time-lapse video of what it’s like in Fairbanks, Alaska.

At least they got 3 hours 41 minutes of a little daylight :)